Project for Victorinox Swiss Army. Spring 2012. 

Project for Victorinox Swiss Army. Spring 2012. 


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Kayt Hester creates images from the familiar to the abstract with hand torn black masking tape.

In her former life, she was a still-life photographer for publications such as like Martha Stewart Living, Scholastic Magazine and J. Crew. She left her photography career shortly after 9/11, using leftover darkroom tape as a creative outlet to weave her interpretation of people and events on canvas in an unconventional medium.

Kayt’s masking tape art was accidentally discovered by a Jersey City gallery owner when she brought her portfolio to a meeting. Tucked in the bag were two small pieces of tape art that had been placed there weeks prior for safekeeping. The curator enthusiastically encouraged Kayt to do more of masking tape art and to bring the pieces in for consideration.

Kayt showed at her first group art show the following month.

She has since gone on to be featured in Nylon Magazine and be awarded solo shows throughout Jersey City. She has collaborated with the Jersey City Museum, Canco Lofts and many others on window installation pieces.

Get a peek at Kayt's studio in Jersey City.

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